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Covid-19 - Can we get past it? .. Yes we can.

Updated: Sep 3, 2020


Since the world was hit by the Covid-19 pandemic I have been regularly thinking quietly about it's effect on the people around me, it's effect on the world in general .. and of course, it's effect on me personally.

I have already had thousands of thoughts and feelings about it from 'How lucky am I'? .. and th always default of 'Don't worry about me guys, I'm fine' ... all the way down the mental health ladder to .. "Oh my God, what the fx%k are we gonna do now? LIFE IS OVER!"

I know anyone reading this blog is going to think yes, in the quiet space of my own mind, I too have felt these things and more. (although I'm sure not all of us will freely admit it)

This pandemic period has affected the world and it's social and personal and business structures like no other event I can recall in my own lifetime. My heart aches for those who have suffered the emotional anguish over loved ones who have been taken seriously ill or passed away prematurely due to this Covid beast.

There will, for some time yet be many covid-stories arising from this pandemic that will disturb us. These stories can flatten us and even make us feel there's no point in getting up each day. We cannot afford to allow Covid-19 to generate feelings of hopelessness in ourselves. We are humans, and humans can .. and do prevail.

Covid-19 lock-down 1.0 and 2.0 has given me the opportunity to remind myself of things I am grateful for:

- I can still communicate with those people around me and with those whom I love

- I can still feel the warmth of the sun in the daytime and see the wonder of stars at night

- I can still feel the emotional value and impact of music and all meaningful artistic creations

- I can feel the strength and power and wonder of mother earth's miracles all around me

- I can occasionally have a genuine positive impact on people around me - I can reach out and let others know I am there to offer support should they need it

- I can help keep reminding those around me to believe there are better times coming ahead

- I can stay positive within myself in order to achieve whatever it is that I still want in this life ...

I can do these things and COVID-19 will die its death and we will find a way to a better life.

AND FINALLY .. the next time you find yourself feeling a little down and sorry for yourself, remind yourself that there are many people in the world who are dealing with Covid-19 and they have some additional "restrictions" which you do not have to suffer. Now .. please watch the video for a moment. Thanks! Mr G.

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