Hello Mike.,

I thought this was an easier way to send a few samples rather than attaching them to emails. (6 backing track short samples listed here)

I have written these arrangements specifically to use as performance backings while I sing and play guitar. For the purpose of making the product as attractive and easy as possible in a gig situation, I have pre-written the bass track and drum tracks and\or drum loops. These tracks are all un-mixed.

I have charts for every song in the repertoire. In a gig situation it would be ideal to add keyboards to them. (I can add piano by just writing in the piano track for a solo gig but I'm referring to "live" keyboards while working as a 'duo'.

The beauty of this method is that I can add\remove individual tracks at will for quite a few instrument sounds. (I haven't included any vocals with these tracks so you can listen to the quality of the backing)

These arrangements sound better after 18-24 bars in .. becaase I usually add extra fills here and there to dress them and make it sound more 'live'.

Alone Again - Naturally (Sample) Bonett.Mr G
00:00 / 02:02

The Gilbert O'Sullivan song with a drum loop, pre-written simple acoustic bass and guitar backing. You may hear me with 2 guitars on occasion in this track- in a gig situation there would only be one guitar track playing and piano would be played 'live' on top. (4 bar intro into 1st verse)

Ipanema_sample(bonett)Mr G
00:00 / 01:15

Acoustic Bass, Drum Loop and my nylon string guitar. (4 bar intro to 1st vocal)

I have completed similar additional arrangements for "Quiet Nights", 'Agua De Beber" and other bossas etc. (please forgive some slight 'clipping distortion in the kick drum on this track) .. I'll fix it.

Light My Fire - (sample)BonettMr G
00:00 / 01:06

My nylon string guitar playing is not exactly Jose Feliciano-like

... but you get the idea! This intros with the traditional Feliciano intro (as best as I can play it) and continues through the 1st chorus. I have written a piano track for this but can easily remove it.

All You Need Is Love_(sample)BonettArtist Name
00:00 / 01:16

This Beatles song sounds a touch 'boring'  but will come to life with a piano played on top. (Intro is 4 bars in to 1st verse)

TRack contains acoustic bass, steel string acoustic guitar and drum loop\fills.

I play guitar additional fills here and there and on each chorus when played 'live'.

One Note Samba (sample)BonettMr G
00:00 / 01:08

This one fades in approx halfway into 1st chorus where it's leading to a Trombone solo full verse. (Some aadiiotnal percussion is added further in). I wrote a piano track in this one but have removed it here.

Night And Day_sample(Bonet)Artist Name
00:00 / 01:42

This sample starts half-way through 1st chorus leading into the bridge.

Making swing work is little more difficult without a piano but this will easily work 'live' with a piano on top. Track contains acoustic bass, guitar and drum fills and a drum loop with a Trombone solo I wrote into the 2nd chorus to sweeten it a little.

In addition to these I have a mixture of current pop, swing standards, bossas and new and old ballads. Most of them are done similar to the above to make it easier for me to perform solo or duo gigs. Now all I need to complete the project is a pianist! (would you happen to  know anyone?) .. and then a gig or 2.  ..  AND .. don't forget to log my mobile number 0437 266 782

Matt Finders (Sylvan Bonett) Album Track Recordings. (for Michael)

Mostly these tracks are extracted from different albums Matt recorded in 1971 through to 1974. (The only exception is "That Old Black Magic" which was recorded in 1975 on his pop Album "Silver Lady') 

Some tracks were recorded at the original Bill Armstrong Studios with the ABC orchestra conducted by Bryan May and a couple were  recorded at ABC Recording Studios.

The songs are complete full recordings, if you'd like copies of your own I'll make copies for you.  Regards, Gary.

I'm Coming Home
I Watched You Walk Away
It Was A Very Good Year
Oh My Child
That Old Black Magic
This Is My Life